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Elitekno Bottling Solutions ад Verona

Elitekno Bottling Solutions

Herr Elitekno Bottling Solutions

Via liguria 57
37060 Verona


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Italian Office: Via Liguria, 57 – 37060 Sona, VR (Italy) - P.I. 04498070236 • USA Office: 1208 S Myrtle Ave, Clearwater, 33756 FL (USA) - ID N. 45-2794372

Elitekno works from several years in used bottling sector. His expert staff takes care of every part of the process, starting from the search for the machinery, to the restoration and then sale.

The market of used bottling machine, allows small and medium-sized companies to expand their bottling line in an economic and fast way, so as to implement new machinery and be able to manage new orders of production size. Large companies, on the other hand, can add entire lines without investing excessive capital.
Our machines are all certified and tested, to allow the customer to have the maximum service.

The machines we trade range from used enological equipment, to bottling machines for water and drinks, to lines for bottling oil and more. If you do not find in our catalog what you are looking for, just ask the machinery you need and we will do a search to find the most suitable solution.

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Elitekno Bottling Solutions
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Запаўненне манаблока MBF MINIBLOCK 12.1 MBF MINIBLOCK 12.1
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Выкарыстоўваецца начынне манаблока COBERT - ізабарычная COBERT 12.1
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Правадыр R&G 12 галоў Robino&Galandrino 12 heads
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